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Brains, Minds, and the Sacred Silence
My Experience
The Brain
The Sacred Silence

It is said that heaven is split into two kingdoms as well as three heavens. It is also said that man is born either into a celestial or spiritual genius and can progress as to his love through regeneration to a state of spiritual-natural, spiritual and finally celestial. As many New Church authors have theorized I believe that the right and left brain are natural manifestations of the celestial and spiritual kingdoms. I also theorize that the three heavens mirror the four brain wave states. Although I don't feel confident enough to match them up perfectly, I would guess that beta is a purely natural state of consciousness, alpha is spiritual-natural state of consciousness, theta is a spiritual state of consciousness and delta is a celestial state of consciousness. I do not believe that it makes a person good, to progress into deeper states of consciousness, but that mans mind can be lifted into these whether good or bad. It is said that even a man who is evil can lift his thought into heavenly light. Through meditation one can experience alpha, theta and theoretically delta state. In many religions it is believed that meditation is the destruction of the self and it is believed to be an ascending into deeper worlds through this destruction. This type of meditation is in many ways like repentance. Through turning away from natural thoughts and affections one repents, and through the same process one meditates. The difference is that for repentance one must have spiritual truths present and a belief in the Lord, while in meditation, one does not. It is said in the writings that through repentance a new understanding is received, as well as new truth. One moves from Delta to Theta to Alpha to Beta from infancy to adulthood. This in some ways mirrors the angels present in infancy, childhood, youth and adulthood. This also mirrors the stages of mans mind in the church on earth before Christianity, from its infancy, the Most Ancient, to the Ancient, to the Hebrew, and finally to the Israelitish Church. This progression in the Pre-Christian churches was a fall from a celestial way of thinking to a spiritual then spiritual-natural and finally purely natural way of thinking. This fall is mirrored in ones angels present during childhood and also his brainwave states. To believe that man can actively function in his earthly environment while in delta or even theta brainwave states would be contrary to the scientific finding of recent years. It would also be contrary to the writings to say that man could function in a spiritual or celestial state while on the earth. The writings indicate that man cannot fully achieve these states while on earth, but can only become natural-spiritual or natural-celestial while on earth.

These two degrees pertain only to the life of the spiritual and the celestial heavens, and while they many not be opened in this world through the life of regeneration, they are never here opened for conscious use.(DLW 236-241)
The Natural Mind

The spiritual and celestial levels of a man's mind almost seem to exist on a sub-conscious level which man is not aware of. This would match up with scientific findings that theta and delta states are only experienced in sleep as well as very deep meditation. In many different ways, the writings seem to describe sleep as a gateway in which one becomes more closely connected and aware of the spiritual world. Its says that dreams are induced by surrounding spirits and also that the most ancients received revelation through there dreams. Many places in the Word, prophets and men receive spiritual messages while in a state of dreaming. Through expanded awareness one can go into deeper states of consciousness. If someone untunnels their vision and goes into wide angle vision he can move into alpha. Depriving oneself of natural sensory information received by the brain can also put someone into a deeper state of consciousness. Focused and intense sensory information as well as focused thinking has been proven to increase the Hz of ones brain waves, shutting down alpha and increasing beta waves. This seems to suggest that alpha, theta, and delta are more holistic and general states that one can view incoming information. It is said that higher heavens compared to the lower heavens have a wisdom which can be compared to truth in the particulars of the general to a truth in general. This may seem to disagree with my argument, but you must look at this in a certain way. When one expands his awareness of mind, he allows for more details to be seen in the whole, while if a mans awareness is not expanded he can still see the whole, but does not consciously perceive the particulars of the whole. I will try to explain this with a metaphor. If you look at the cathedral in tunnel vision you can see it standing as one unit, but if you untunnel your vision you can take in all the arches, towers, windows and doors at once and see the particulars in the whole. This is true of thoughts as well. When reading the commandment you shall not steal, you can see it in its general as not stealing and be unconscious of the things held within. You could also look at the commandment as all your experiences of stealing in your life while at the same time see the commandment on its natural, spiritual, and celestial levels at once. This can also be seen in language. In ancient Hebrew the word Davar had multiple meanings and yet it didn't. To us it means word, affair, and matter, but to them it meant Davar and contained in it all these meanings. They looked with a broad sight toward this word, while we can only see it in tunnel vision. To see something with broad vision of mind is to expand ones awareness. The expanding of awareness causes a person to move into deeper brain states. These states are moved to because it is the function of these states to see in this way. The natural world calls for focused and tunneled thought, so while on the earth we cannot fully move away from these states. Theta and Delta are the unconscious frontiers of the scientific mind while spiritual and celestial states are the unconscious frontiers of the spiritual mind while we are on earth. Many discoveries of our time have been though to have been reached in this expanded awareness. Alfred Einstein is thought to have been almost constantly been in alpha. Through repentance and meditation we can quiet the natural mind and raise our minds into higher spiritual light. If we progress in our thought and make what was unconscious, conscious, we may discover some of the deeper mysteries of life. We may also reinstate a purer connection between heaven and earth which we knew so long ago. If through meditation, we go searching the depths of our unconscious spirit for the sake of ourselves, we will only find evil waiting on the other side, but if we turn to the Lord to quiet the natural lusts of the world, we will be raised into a new spiritual light incomparable to the natural light we experience on earth.